We’re expanding our network of Brain Protected Spaces, strengthening our commitment to brain health

On 14 September we obtained Brain Protected Space certification for our buildings Génova 27, Luchana 23 and Orense 34, awarded by the Fundación Freno al Ictus. The award ceremony, which was attended by Silvia Llanes, ESG Director at Gmp; Francisco Fernández, Director of the Gmp Foundation and Julio Agredano, President of the Fundación Freno al Ictus, highlighted the importance of the training provided in this certification process, which not only instructs employees on how to identify and take action when someone has a stroke in the workplace but also enables them to apply this training in their family and social circles.

These three office buildings join other Gmp buildings that have already been awarded this certification: Castellana 81, Castellana 77, oxxeo and ARQBÓREA.

The Fundación Freno al Ictus’ initiative aims to encourage companies to train their employees internally, but also how to identify and take action in the event of a person having a stroke in their wider circle of family and friends. Julio Agredano, President of the Fundación Freno al Ictus, emphasized that every minute counts when someone has a stroke and thanked Gmp for its commitment to train people at these three buildings.

Silvia Llanes, Gmp’s ESG Director, congratulated the Freno al Ictus Foundation on its valuable efforts to reduce the impact of this disease and underscored that Brain Protected Space certification is part of Gmp’s strategic vision to create workspaces that promote people’s health and well-being. She thanked the commitment and engagement shown by the 100 professionals from the three certified buildings who have completed the training course and have become part of a growing group of people whose contribution to detecting a stroke at an early stage is critical in reaching a better recovery prognosis for patients.

Julio Agredano stressed that stroke treatment is time critical, highlighting that the training provided by Gmp to the professionals who work at the three buildings enables them to act quickly when someone has a stroke on the premises, which helps mitigate the effects and improve the outcome. Agredano also pointed out that Gmp has not limited participation for the training course to its own employees and teams of partners but has extended it to all the client companies at the three certified buildings that wished to join the initiative. Human resources at these companies are now trained to be the first to alert and put into practice the “Ictus Code” protocol, thus playing a key role as the first link in the chain of survival. In total 100 people have been trained to identify and respond if someone has a stroke.

Certification of these three buildings strengthens Gmp’s commitment to create a positive impact and give back to society by promoting the safety, health and well-being of people, which encompasses the Gmp team as well as occupants and users of our buildings, whether they are customers, visitors or partners, together with their family and social circles.

Brain Protected Space

Stroke, a cerebrovascular disease that affects more than 120,000 people every year in Spain, is the leading cause of death in women and the second leading cause of disability in adults. The good news is that 90% of strokes can be prevented, and there is a better chance of recovery if we act fast.

Brain Protected Space certification is obtained through online training. The training content has been developed with the collaboration of the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN) through its Study Group on Cerebrovascular Diseases (GEECV) and is part of the “Brain Caring People” project, endorsed by SEN and supported by the Spanish Association of Specialists in Occupational Medicine (AEEMT) and the Spanish Association of Occupational Prevention Services (AESPLA).


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