Smart buildings: the future is now

If you have ever wondered what smart buildings are or have heard the term smart building without knowing what it refers to, in this article we tell you what they are and how they work.

Smart buildings are those that have the most technologically advanced and innovative solutions in terms of sustainability, user experience and comfort to achieve maximum user experience and well-being, improve the efficient use of resources and reduce their environmental footprint.

These solutions are connected in an integrated, operational and safe way, mainly in four areas:

  1. Operational efficiency and environmental sustainability: Both concepts converge in smart buildings thanks to the integration of advanced energy and environmental management systems. Using sensors, IoT (Internet of Things) devices and real-time data analysis, these buildings optimise energy consumption, lower operating costs and contribute significantly to reducing environmental impact.
  2. Enhanced user experience: Technology is not only focused on operational efficiency, but also on improving the experience of building users – end users, corporate customers, managers and owners. From lighting and climate control systems to mobile applications that allow access to the building, facilitate space reservation or navigation within the building, the user experience is enhanced.
  3. Connectivity and flexibility: The availability of different connectivity options and a resilient and robust network infrastructure are essential features of smart buildings. These spaces offer reliable, high-speed connectivity that makes it easier for businesses to adopt emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning, to drive innovation and productivity.
  4. Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is a priority in smart buildings, as protecting the privacy and integrity of data to ensure secure and reliable operation of technology in buildings is more necessary than ever. Systems such as biometric access, video surveillance cameras or data analytics solutions for early threat detection need to reside in an environment that is secure and protected from external attacks.

Smart buildings represent the future of workspaces. The good news is that smartisation is not exclusive to new office buildings, but can also be applied to existing buildings, incorporating digital solutions to provide innovative working environments adapted to the new demands of the digital age.

Gmp and its smart buildings

At Gmp we are committed to buildings that are not only smart and efficient, but also inspiring and sustainable. We strive to offer spaces where users can develop their full potential while contributing to the care of the environment.

For us a smart building is a building that:

  • Generates an inspiring user experience, through the creation of workspaces that attract, excite and offer flexible and personalised services.
  • Is sustainable by reducing its carbon footprint over its lifetime, making use of technology to make the building more energy efficient.
  • Reduce operational costs by optimising processes.
  • Have a future-proof design and be able to adapt to new user demands and technological requirements.

In addition, we believe that in order to implement reliable, robust and consistent functionality, a building needs a firm technological foundation. This is achieved through a combination of technology infrastructure, systems architecture, governance and policy implementation. Technology foundations are critical to ensure the success of any smart building through robust and reliable systems and a strong governance framework, mitigating risks while maximising outcomes.

 WiredScore and SmartScore certifications lead the digital transformation.

At Gmp we have been pioneers in Spain in certifying WiredScore and/or SmartScore in most of the buildings we manage. These international benchmark standards evaluate the intelligence and connectivity of buildings.

ARQBÓREA was the first SmartScore and WiredScore building in Spain and the fourth SmartScore in the world and has achieved the highest level in both certifications, Platinum.

In addition, we are the only real estate company in Spain with the WiredScore Portfolio certificate. A seal that recognises the commitment of those companies that are committed to offering the best connectivity and cutting-edge, people-oriented technology in a large part of their portfolio.


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