Innovation has guided our business model throughout our history

Innovation, as a strategic value aimed at identifying and anticipating market trends, is one of the pillars of Gmp’s differential positioning, coupled with high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Innovation is part of our Company culture, and we integrate it in all our processes and decisions.


Smart buildings play a key role in creating more attractive, efficient and sustainable workplaces that enhance individual productivity and encourage collaborative working.

In our buildings we apply innovation, seeking to improve efficient use of resources, reduce the building’s carbon footprint and optimise the experience our users receive.

Key examples of Smart features that we apply in Gmp’s buildings and services include:

Mobile access at turnstiles in lobbies and pedestrian readers in car parks.

Deploying next-generation technology for people counting and heat maps in communal areas.

Facial recognition system with mask detection and temperature control.

Interior navigation and geo-positioning systems.

Monitoring air quality.

Circuit of information displays with dynamic content and visual recognition.

Wi-Fi service in communal areas and car parks.

State-of-the art technologies at MEETING PLACE.


Smart lockers.

Dynamic music.

Charging for electric vehicles, scooters and bicycles.

Smart irrigation.

Our Gmp’s smart strategy centres on two focal points:

1º/ WiredScore and SmartScore certifications:

As part of our commitment to offer innovative and differential products and services applying the highest quality standards, we have been pioneers in implementing a SmartScore and/or WiredScore certification plan in a number of its buildings. 

ARQBÓREA became the first SmartScore and WiredScore building in Spain and the fourth SmartScore in the world.

After this milestone:

  • Castellana 81 and oxxeo has also achieved Platinum SmartScore and WiredScore certifications. Castellana 81 was the first high-rise tower to achieve this double distinction.
  • Castellana 77 y Orense 34 have obtained SmartScore Gold and WiredScore Platinum certifications. 
  • Genova 27 and the six buildings at Parque Norte have obtained WiredScore Platinum certification.  

The SmartScore rating was launched globally and in Spain in the spring of 2021. It is the first international certification that applies measurable and objective criteria to assess how smart buildings are based on how they respond to user needs in areas such as health and well-being, sustainability, security, services, individual and collective productivity, and maintenance. It also assesses the robustness and futureproofing of technology, processes and procedures in the building.

The certifying body WiredScore establishes objective criteria to measure the connectivity and digital resilience of buildings, as well as their level of intelligence, understood as the capacity to respond to the needs of users in terms of health and well-being, sustainability, security, productivity and maintenance. 

These criteria, together with internal initiatives, some of which come from intrapreneurship through Gmp INnova and open entrepreneurship through Gmp horizon, help determine the actions to be carried out in the existing portfolio, as well as the functionalities to be incorporated in the smart projects at new developments, in order to ensure a differential positioning at the cutting edge of people-centric technology. 

Gmp is the only real estate company in Spain to form part of the WiredScore Portfolio Program. This programme is recognition from the certifying body for Gmp’s for its people-centric commitment to offering the best connectivity and innovative technology across a substantial part of its portfolio. 

2º/ Data generation and exploitation:

The technology installed at Gmp’s buildings generates a large volume of operation-related data. This data, if processed correctly, can be translated into relevant information for decision making, as well as for the automation of processes, resulting in more efficient management and the development of new customer products and services. To this end, information silos must be avoided, and the data exchange promoted, so that data can be organized and standardized in a single database. Two lines of action have been developed to achieve this goal: 

– Sensorization of properties in order to obtain useful data for Gmp’s business. Moreover, when new technologies are selected, priority is given to those that allow more efficient data extraction and management. 

– Deployment of system interconnection technologies, as well as technologies focused on data extraction, processing and centralized storage. 

APP Gmp Smart

Gmp Smart is a mobile application exclusive to users of Gmp buildings that aims to improve the end user experience, satisfaction and well-being, focusing on the following:

  • Strengthening corporate visibility of tenant companies and supporting talent retention.
  • Promoting and strengthening interrelations and collaboration among users of the buildings, as well as between users and Gmp.
  • Building an exclusive community whose members have access to a wide range of added-value products and services.
  • Facilitating user interaction with building systems and promoting awareness and enjoyment of building services and facilities.

Since its launch, Gmp Smart has incorporated added-value content for corporate clients and their teams. Some of the key functionalities since it was launched are as follows:

Exclusive offers and promotions on over 400 brands.

Invitation to events.

Training for mind and body.

Recharging electric vehicles.

Car sharing.

Smart Point lockers.

Mobile access to building.

Invitation for visitors.

Booking request for Gmp’s MEETING PLACE rooms.

Incident management.

Navigating interior of building.

Flexible management of car park spaces.

Ordering food at the office.

Paying for products at The Corner cafeteria service.

Gmp INnova

In 2011 we launched Gmp INnova to strengthen the culture of innovation among the team at Gmp. Through this vehicle, we foster intrapreneurship by encouraging employees to propose projects that will help improve products, services, processes or business approaches.

Gmp INnova is a dynamic, living tool that has been growing and consolidating over time, thanks to the proactivity, participation and involvement of Gmp employees. It runs a digital platform to speed up the process of presenting and approving innovation projects, facilitate knowledge management and strengthen the visibility of innovators and interaction in the field of innovation among employees.  This online platform includes INnova Lab, a corporate social network that enables the Gmp team to connect and interact.

Since its launch Gmp INnova has implemented numerous projects that have made significant progress in strategic areas for us such as energy efficiency, social action, portfolio accessibility and the creation of added-value products and services for our customers.  

Gmp horizon

Gmp horizon is the open innovation platform powered by Gmp through which we seek to:

  • Identify and integrate innovative solutions that address specific challenges and generate a positive impact on business and clients.
  • Establishing collaborations with innovative companies and start-ups, which enable us to learn from their best practices.
  • Continue driving forward the Company’s innovation culture.

The Gmp horizon initiative began in 2020 by posing two challenges to the entrepreneurship ecosystem that addressed some of the Company’s key needs at that time:

  • COVID-19 safe and healthy buildings: How to redesign management and services of our buildings to strengthen health and safety for users in the context of COVID-19?
  • Efficient car park management: How to increase the efficiency model for car park management at Gmp to optimise use and improve the user experience?

163 companies and start-ups from the Enterprise ecosystem in Spain and Europe contacted Gmp horizon. We received 56 registrations for the programme.  All underwent a thorough assessment process by our evaluation committee and independent experts. 10 finalists (5 per challenge) submitted their proposals in at a pitching day to an evaluation committee.  3 pilot projects from the finalists have been implemented.


Flexible parking management at Castellana 81, a functionality that has been adopted by most of the tenant companies that hire parking spaces.


Facial recognition system with face mask detection and temperature measurement at ARQBÓREA, implemented at the building access turnstiles, helping to maintain security in the building against the spread of COVID-19.


Crowd control system using artificial intelligence in communal areas of Luchana 23, Orense 34 and ARQBÓREA, which has made it possible to keep these areas open without putting the health of occupants at risk.

After the success of this first edition, Gmp decided to give continuity to the Gmp horizon brand and maintain its presence in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. It launched a new web platform in 2022, through which startups and scaleups can submit projects that represent a value proposition for Gmp and its stakeholders.

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