#RetoPichón: an action for companies based on solidarity, sport and teamwork

More and more companies are participating in solidarity initiatives to help society and in which their employees play an active role.

#RetoPichón is a prime example. It’s a fundraising action created by Juan Luis Muñoz Escassi to support social causes through sport. Since 2011, Juan Luis has managed to raise more than €210,000 through various sporting challenges.

His goal for 2023 is to raise €60,000, which will go entirely to the MEHUER Foundation (Fundación Medicamentos Huérfanos y Enfermedades Raras) to support the project “Las Mamás Mehuer¨.

This year Muñoz Escassi is organizing 15 sporting events, one for each of the 15 children who, together with their mothers, will be the beneficiaries of this initiative. The first event of the #RetoPichón 2023 took place last January and lasted 6 days in the Costa Rican rainforest.

At Gmp we have joined this solidarity project and are organizing one of the 15 events of the #RetoPichón 2023 at our oxxeo building (Calle Puerto Somport 9).

What does this #RetoPichón event involve?

The sporting challenge consists of running a marathon, 42,195 metres, on the athletics track on the oxxeo building ROOFTOP.

The challenge aims to help Sofía, a 5-year-old girl with a rare disease for which a diagnosis has not yet been found.

The marathon will take place on 16 November at 16:00 and gives 14 companies the opportunity to take part in #RetoPichón 2023.

Would you like to be one of these 14 companies and run to help Sofia?
  • Each participating company will run, together with Juan Luis, a 3 km
  • It is a non-competitive event in which participants will run at the same pace as Juan Luis, between 5:30 and 6:00 minutes per kilometre.
  • Companies taking part in this fundraising marathon will contribute a donation of €2,100, €10 for each of the 211 laps that Juan Luis will run around the athletics track to complete the 42,195 metres.

The event includes the following features:

  • Registration fee for 8 runners to run the 3 km stretches.
  • Company’s logo included in communications materials on the initiative.
  • Selection of photos of the 8 runners during the marathon provided.
  • Corporate video, on request.
  • Medal for all runners.

A person with an intellectual disability from the Fundación Síndrome de Down Madrid athletics club will run with each of the participating companies.

How can you register your company or find out more about the event?

Visit the webpage

Send an email to info@fundaciongmp.org

Phone 91 444 28 13


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