Our Luchana 23 building has been awarded the AIS Award for Excellence in Built Environment before 2010

Our building at Luchana 23 has been awarded the AIS Award for Excellence in the Built Environment before 2010, granted by the Foundation for Accessibility and Social Responsibility. It is a private non-profit organization that has been developing social projects and initiatives for over 40 years, with a mission to promote the integration of all individuals into society, respecting and valuing differences.

These awards recognize projects that hold the AIS (Accessibility Indicator System) certification and have achieved the highest level of excellence in accessibility.

The AIS Certification

The AIS certification is the only international standard that assesses the level of accessibility of a space, service, or product, analyzing its usability, comfort, and safety conditions.

Certification is a voluntary process that must integrate legal accessibility requirements and evaluates the level of excellence in accessibility of the space, service, or product on a scale from one to five stars.

The AIS system stands out for conceiving accessibility as an integral dimension within the ESG strategy of companies. The ultimate goal is to create spaces, services, or products that are more usable, comfortable, and safe—ultimately, more accessible for everyone.

Gmp’s commitment to accessibility and a diverse society.

At Gmp, we advocate for accessibility in our buildings through AIS certification with the aim that anyone, regardless of their condition, can move around our properties comfortably and safely.

ARQBÓREA, Castellana 77, Castellana 81, Luchana 23, Orense 34, and oxxeo hold the highest level of this certification, 5 stars. Genova 27 and Parque Norte have a 4-star rating.

To obtain the AIS certification, we implement physical, cognitive, and sensory measures in the buildings, such as:

  • Adapted and accessible building entrances.
  • Resolution of architectural barriers for interior mobility in common areas.
  • Customer service points with accessible counters.
  • Elevators with braille buttons and an optical-acoustic floor arrival system.
  • Signage with recognizable pictograms, chromatic contrast, and tactile detection in relief and braille.
  • Systems and means to facilitate communication and information, such as the magnetic loop.


We’re expanding our network of Brain Protected Spaces, strengthening our commitment to brain health


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