oxxeo UPGRADE: WiredScore and SmartScore Platinum

The oxxeo building raises its Gold level of WiredScore and SmartScore certifications to Platinum level, the highest rating awarded by these international standards.

WiredScore incorporates measurable and objective criteria to assess the level of connectivity and digital resilience of buildings, while SmartScore is a globally recognised guide that rates smart buildings that deliver exceptional user experiences, meet high sustainability standards and are future ready.

After making several improvements to its telecommunications infrastructure and systems, oxxeo has added new credits that have enabled it to achieve Platinum level in both certifications. The following actions stand out in this respect:

  • A second telecommunications entry point to improve digital resilience.
  • Adaptation of the telecommunications rooms with access control, anti-flooding methods, air-conditioning and UPS connection.
  • Inclusion of a second telecommunications riser system with spare capacity.
  • Alternative methods of connecting to the Internet via radio link (wireless communication mode).
  • Inclusion of a people counting system for real-time building population and service usage.
  • Standardisation of the data generated by the building for interoperability between different smart systems.
  • Implementation of a Business Intelligence platform to exploit the data generated by the building,

Achieving Platinum status in WiredScore and SmartScore is further confirmation that oxxeo is a smart building that incorporates innovative technology in the service of sustainability and people.

Top level across the WiredScore Portfolio

With this milestone achieved by oxxeo, all the buildings that are part of the WiredScore Portfolio Program -Castellana 81, ARQBÓREA, Génova 27, Parque Norte, Orense 34 and oxxeo- hold the highest WiredScore level, Platinum.

Last March, Gmp became the only real estate company in Spain to be part of the WiredScore Portfolio Program. Through this program the certifying body recognises Gmp’s commitment to offering the best connectivity and innovative technology, focused on people, across large part of its portfolio.


The importance of the Facility Manager and his customer-centric approach in office buildings


Gmp becomes the only real estate company in Spain to recieve the WiredScore Portfolio Award


Castellana 81, first office tower in Spain to be awarded Platinum SmartScore and WiredScore certifications


ARQBÓREA: First WiredScore and SmartScore Platinum Building in Spain


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