The importance of the Facility Manager and his customer-centric approach in office buildings

In an increasingly competitive and changing business environment, some figures are fundamental to organizational success and the efficient management of resources and spaces. One of these figures is the Facility Manager, who plays a crucial role in real estate companies, acting as a bridge between technical management and user experience. This professional, with a strong focus on hospitality, is responsible for facilitating the lives of companies located in office buildings and their employees, ensuring an optimal and efficient working environment.

What does the traditional Facility Manager do?

The Facility Manager is a figure present in the building who is responsible for managing and controlling the operation of the real estate services, integrating people, spaces and technologies with the aim of optimizing the available resources and improving the working environment. In addition, he/she interacts with all areas of the business, as a link between the general management and the achievement of the organization’s objectives.

Gmp’s commitment: a customer-centric approach

At Gmp, we are committed to a differentiating approach to this figure in the sector. More than a technical profile, the figure of the Facility Manager at Gmp is similar to that of a hotel assistant manager in the comprehensive management of the building. He/she is part of our internal team, reports to the Portfolio Manager responsible for the building, and his/her work ranges from the coordination of the building staff (reception, security, cleaning, gardening, maintenance) to the proactive management of incidents and the optimization of resources. In addition, his figure encompasses any field of improvement that ensures comfort and favors office attendance in a process of continuous improvement of the user experience in the building. He is the guardian of our clients’ experience, and with a strong focus on hospitality, he is responsible for making life easier for companies and their employees.

Among the main functions of this figure are:

  • Continuous accompaniment of the client from the signing of the contract.
  • Personnel management: in charge of maintenance, cleaning, security and other building services.
  • Management of incidents related to infrastructure, services or security. As well as incidents reported by customers.
  • Detection and implementation of improvements, both in the building and in the implementation works of the clients.
  • Resource optimization and sustainability, ensuring that building resources are used efficiently and sustainably.
  • Guarantee of a customer-centric user experience through a process of continuous improvement.
What are the benefits of having this figure?

The 5 main benefits that we have in Gmp by having these professionals are:

  1. The optimization of resources through the analysis and evaluation of the facilities, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities to maximize efficiency.
  2. The execution of preventive and corrective maintenance work in the buildings, identifying potential problems and allowing us to address them in time.
  3. Maintaining the good condition of the buildings, reducing downtime and optimizing employee productivity.
  4. Ensuring that the buildings comply with regulations and requirements in relation to occupational safety, health and the environment, and having a personalized communication channel with the client through a Gmp figure present in the building and in continuous contact with them.
  5. The creation of safe and quality environments that enhance the user experience, strengthening the company’s image and recruitment. The people who fulfill this responsibility play a strategic role in the management of our office buildings. Their ability to anticipate the needs of their occupants, efficiently managing resources and proactively resolving incidents, contributes greatly to the success and satisfaction of our clients.

In this regard, at Gmp we carry out annual satisfaction surveys and the figure of the Facility Manager always receives the highest score of the entire questionnaire. In 2023, it obtained a score of 4.76 out of 5, which confirms that it is a differential figure in Gmp with great added value. For this reason, companies trust us to house their headquarters as a means of attracting and retaining talent, favoring the working environment and encouraging office attendance.


oxxeo UPGRADE: WiredScore and SmartScore Platinum


Gmp becomes the only real estate company in Spain to recieve the WiredScore Portfolio Award


Castellana 81, first office tower in Spain to be awarded Platinum SmartScore and WiredScore certifications


ARQBÓREA: First WiredScore and SmartScore Platinum Building in Spain


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