ARQBÓREA: First WiredScore and SmartScore Platinum Building in Spain

The smart building revolution plays a key role in creating more attractive, efficient and sustainable workplaces that enhance individual productivity and encourage teamwork. This smartization of workspaces is a key feature of Gmp’s buildings. We apply innovation, both to improve the efficient use of the building’s resources and to reduce its environmental footprint and optimise the experience of the users who work there. ARQBÓREA is a prime example of smartization of Gmp buildings and services.

The ARQBÓREA building, located in the Las Tablas district of Madrid, has been designed following a fully smart approach that combines the latest technological advances to optimise the overall management of the building, reduce its environmental impact and ensure a high degree of well-being, safety and health for our corporate clients’ employees. This has led to it being certified as the first WiredScore and SmartScore Platinum building in Spain.

WiredScore, certification that measures the connectivity and quality of the telecommunications infrastructure of buildings

ARQBÓREA holds Platinum WiredScore certification, the highest awarded mark for this global standard. WiredScore certification measures the connectivity and quality of the telecommunications infrastructure of buildings by assessing five key categories:

  • Resilience of the telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Digital user experience.
  • Fibre optic availability.
  • Future-proof design.
  • Mobile phone coverage.

Our ARQBÓREA building was awarded points in all categories, demonstrating that it is an international benchmark in terms of adaptability to new technologies and resilience against digital obsolescence.

SmartScore, recognition for smart buildings

Together with WiredScore, the ARQBÓREA building has obtained Platinum SmartScore certification, the highest awarded mark for this global standard developed by WiredScore. SmartScore is the first global rating that incorporates measurable and objective criteria to assess what constitutes a smart building.

The scoring system is based on their level of responsiveness to user needs in areas such as health and wellness, sustainability, safety, security, services, individual and collective productivity, and maintenance. It also analyses how robust and future-ready its technology, processes and procedures are in areas such as digital connectivity, building operation systems, cybersecurity, governance, network integration and data sharing.

Our Gmp Smart app has played a key role in obtaining SmartScore Platinum certification as a tool that enhances the user experience even before accessing the building. Moreover, our Gmp Smart app won the innovation category at 6th AEO Awards.

Achieving WiredScore and SmartScore Platinum level ratifies ARQBÓREA as a smart building that incorporates innovative technology at the service of sustainability and people.

The building’s smart functionalities include:

  • Access control by facial recognition or via mobile phone.
  • Wi-Fi service in car park and communal areas.
  • Dynamic solar control.
  • Charging points for electric bicycles and scooters.
  • Capacity control and people counting.
  • Indoor navigation and geo positioning system.
  • Environmental quality monitoring.
  • Charging points for electric vehicles.
  • Screen circuit with dynamic content and facial recognition.
  • Smart lockers for parcel collection.
  • Dynamic music.

ARQBÓREA: technology and nature at the service of people’s health and wellbeing

In short, ARQBÓREA is an office building in which architecture, technology and nature merge to create a proposition aimed at people’s well-being.

Its design by Ortiz León Arquitectos is based on a biophilic concept gives prominence to vegetation enhancing connection with nature for the building’s occupants.

The building has been designed with the highest levels of sustainability, wellness, technology and accessibility and holds the following certifications: LEED Platinum, WELL Health-Safety Rating, WiredScore Platinum, SmartScore Platinum and 5-star AIS (Accessibility Indicator System).

In addition, ARQBÓREA is currently immersed in the process of obtaining WELL certification. The aim is to achieve the highest awarded mark, Platinum level.

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