World Energy Saving Day: simple energy-saving routines to incorporate into your daily life

Simple energy-saving routines to incorporate into your daily life

World Energy Saving Day is celebrated every year on 21st October, with the aim of making us reflect on our energy consumption and the measures we can implement as a society to care for our planet.

Incorporating simple energy saving routines into our daily life at the office will impact our future and help mitigate climate change. Caring for our planet means using energy responsibly and efficiently.

Implementing the following simple measures in the office are some of the ways we can make a difference in the future:

  • Turn off the computer and devices when not in use.
  • Set the screen saver to black.
  • Use daylight to illuminate spaces.
  • Use the stairs instead of the lift.
  • Maintain a comfortable temperature (26ºC in summer and 21ºC in winter). Don’t wrap up in summer and don’t open the windows in winter.

Raising the temperature by one degree can consume up to 7% more energy, and lowering the air-conditioning temperature by one degree can consume up to 8% more. (*)

  • Close windows when air-conditioning systems are in operation.
  • Turn off the lights whenever there is a motion sensor system.

(*) According to an IDAE study. (Institute for Energy Diversification and Efficiency)

At Gmp, we have been pioneers in implementing the LEED certification process in our portfolio of buildings. Awarded by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), this certification seeks to make buildings more environmentally friendly, economically viable and comfortable to work in.

We also apply an Environmental Management System certified by AENOR ISO 14001 standard, which serves as the framework for management procedures on environmental aspects of our buildings, including real-time monitoring and strict follow-up measures regarding energy and water consumption.

We are firmly committed to saving energy, protecting the environment and ensuring rational use of natural resources.  Aligned with this goal, our energy-saving measures are developed on an ongoing basis at our buildings:

  • We install photovoltaic panels for electricity self-consumption.
  • We use LED
  • We install light sensors to minimise electricity consumption.
  • We apply energy-efficiency measures in any new actions we undertake in the buildings. For instance, the new lifts we are installing have regenerative converters to harness the energy from braking and descent to generate energy for the lift.
  • We are gradually replacing domestic hot water production with aerothermal systems.
  • We are eliminating heating installations that use fossil fuels and replacing them with electric energy.

At Gmp, we want people to make rational use of electrical energy and raise awareness of the benefits it provides, as well as its limits, since by making effective use of this resource we can help mitigate climate change.

Don’t wait any longer, incorporate these routines in your office today! The planet belongs to us all and together we can ensure its future.


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