Gmp Smart, our AEO award-winning app for office buildings

Innovation is part of our DNA, and we contribute to SDG 9 through our commitment to provide innovative and differential products and services following the highest quality standards, seeking to establish long-term relationships with our clients and promote well-being and satisfaction among users of our buildings.

As part of this commitment, we created our Gmp Smart app, an exclusive technological Gmp development, which has become a fundamental platform enabling users to interact with the building’s products and services and fostering a sense of belonging to our community. This aspect is key in the context of the new trend of hybrid work models, where rethinking the role of buildings and office spaces is crucial to boost the return of teams, build loyalty and attract talent.

In 2018 the first version of Gmp Smart was released as a disruptive application that would change the way buildings interact with tenants. Below we present an office space revolution to you: our revolutionary Gmp Smart app.

What is the Gmp Smart app? ?

Today, we make the Gmp Smart app available to users of all multi-tenant buildings in our portfolio. It is designed to improve user experience, satisfaction and well-being and aims to:

  1. Enhance the visibility of corporate clients and support the retention of talent within each company.
  2. Strengthen and promote the interrelations and collaboration among building users, as well as between users and Gmp.
  3. Build an exclusive community whose members have access to a wide range of value-added products and services.
  4. Facilitate user interaction with building systems and promote awareness and enjoyment of their services and facilities.

Since its launch in 2018, Gmp Smart has been incorporating a range of value-added content targeted at corporate clients and their teams. The app is constantly being optimised and some of the outstanding functionalities it currently provides include:

  • Exclusive offers, promotions and discounts on more than 400 brands.
  • Invitations to events organized within Gmp’s community of clients and buildings.
  • Virtual workouts to exercise the body and mind.
  • Electric vehicle recharging.
  • Car sharing functionality.
  • Smart Point lockers for parcel collection.
  • Access to the building via mobile phone.
  • Visitor invitations with a pre-accreditation mechanism and touchless access.
  • Booking requests for Gmp MEETING PLACE rooms.
  • Incident management.
  • Hiring services such as dry cleaning, clothes alterations, etc. at special rates.
  • Navigation inside the building.
  • Flexible management of parking spaces.
  • Lunch delivery system to the office.
  • Payment service at the cafeteria The Corner.

A prize-winning app at the Spanish Office Association awards

The Gmp Smart app won the innovation category at the gala ceremony for the 6th AEO (Spanish Association of Offices) Awards in December 2021.

Below, you will find a video explaining how Gmp Smart works and what it offers users of our office buildings.


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