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Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

Gmp, mindful of its responsibility to protect the environment and the need for rational use of natural resources has applied since 2009, an Environmental Management System aligned with Standard UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004 in its office buildings and business parks. This systems aims to:

  • Foster and promote sustainable environmental management among employees, clients and suppliers.
  • Prevent pollution and minimise the impact of the Company on the environment.
  • Maximise the wellbeing of tenants at its buildings.

For this reason, Gmp’s properties are subject to stringent monitoring of energy use and gas emissions into the atmosphere. 

In addition, the buildings also run a management system for waste generated by clients -paper, packages and organic waste- as well as for waste generated by the activity of the building itself -WEEE, fluorescent tubes, oil, etc.-

In pursuit of its goal of ongoing improvement, Gmp plans, prioritises and implements environmental improvement strategies and actions every year.