Gmp fue pionera en la puesta en marcha del proceso de certificación LEED de su portfolio en 2013

At Gmp we are committed to creating environmentally sustainable spaces in our buildings through using low-carbon and renewable energies, efficient energy management, promoting energy savings and efficiency and applying new technologies. Our commitment to the environment has led to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification of most of our buildings and our pledge to certify new developments.

Awarded by the US Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED certification is one of the most prestigious and internationally recognized standards. It aims to promote buildings that are environmentally friendly, economically viable and comfortable spaces to live and work in.

At Gmp we were pioneers in the implementation of the LEED certification process for our portfolio in 2013, for which we undertook multiple actions, including those aimed at reducing water and energy consumption, optimising the indoor environment, creating parking spaces for efficient vehicles, carpooling and bicycles, as well as incorporating specific measures regarding the materials used and waste management in all building improvement and renovation works.


  • ARQBÓREA, Castellana 81, Castellana 77, oxxeo, Hermosilla 3, Badajoz 60, Llull 108, Llull 112 and the offices where our headquarters are located , in the Luchana 23 building, have LEED Platinum certification, the highest distinction awarded by the USGBC.
  • Génova 27, the two buildings at Orense 34, Luchana 23, the six buildings at Parque Norte, Titán 4 and Eloy Gonzalo 10 are LEED Gold certified.

In addition, the Energy Rating at 90% of our buildings is A, the highest rating regulated by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

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