At Gmp we manage all the purchases we make efficiently and responsibly to ensure objective, impartial and transparent treatment in the contracting of our suppliers, adopting responsible practices in supply chain management and promoting the economic growth of the society in which we operate..

Our responsible supply chain policy aims to ensure long-term value creation and promote responsible relationships with our suppliers and adopts the following commitments:

Governance commitments:

  • Ethics and compliance: suppliers are committed to following the principles of ethics, compliance and transparency set out in our Code of Conduct.
  • Quality and safety of products and services: at Gmp we transfer our commitment to excellence and quality service to all our suppliers to ensure that all links in the chain are safe and ensure the highest quality standards.
  • Dialogue and transparency: at Gmp we maintain solid relationships with our suppliers based on transparency and ongoing communication.

Environmental commitments:

  • Environmental management: Gmp’s suppliers must be aligned with our environmental requirements and promote best environmental practices.
  • Climate change and sustainable use of resources: at Gmp we transfer our commitments regarding minimising impacts and combating climate change to suppliers in their own operations.

Social commitments:

  • Employment and welfare: our suppliers must comply with applicable labour laws and promote quality employment among their workers.
  • Human rights: Gmp’s suppliers are committed to establishing relationships with people based on fair treatment and mutual respect, in accordance with international human rights standards.
  • Health and Safety: Suppliers must assess, classify and minimise potential health and safety risks that may exist as a result of the different activities carried out with us.
  • Equality and diversity: our suppliers are committed to providing equal opportunities among their employees regardless of age, gender, origin, race, functional diversity or family responsibility and to fostering an inclusive work environment.

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