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Health and Safety in the Workplace Management System

Health and Safety in the Workplace Management System

Gmp strives to comply stringently with existing regulations in its management practice as regards risk prevention and health and safety in the workplace, while setting improvement targets which involve implementing actions to benefit clients, suppliers and employees.

This commitment takes the form of applying a Management System for Risk Prevention certified pursuant to Standard OHSAS 18001:2007 “Management Systems for Health and Safety in the Workplace” at all the buildings the Company owns.

Every year, Gmp implements a number of actions in the area of risk prevention to benefit its clients, suppliers and employees. Key actions in this respect are as follows:

  • Enhancing the safety of improvement work at buildings by increasing the number of hours per week put in by the Health and Safety Coordinator.
  • Renewing and improving signage to improve risk prevention at Gmp buildings.
  • Producing and applying an action plan to raise awareness of preventative attitudes among clients and suppliers.
  • Significant improvement to the action protocols applied in the event of an emergency, reflected by faster emergency drill times.